Thursday, 10 October 2013

Down - A Short Story Part 1

I thought I might create a short story were I will post it in parts. Every end of each part of the story I'll make sure it ends with a "cliff hanger". And so I start now with the beginning of a text I wrote for my School Newspaper. 


Luke woke to the thumping sound of the ship's engines and the crunching from the stoker pixies 
lumbering coal into the ever-hungry fireboxes. He got out of bed, and looked at the time on his little Pocket watch, it read 7:44am, he had a good 21 minutes until it was his shift. Luke worked aboard the Sky Prince as a junior engineer. The Prince flies up to 4000 meters in the sky. Luke's cabin was small, but comfortable; he shared his cabin with the junior wireless officer, Jack Mcevoy, who was fast asleep. The two are good friends and when they both have time-off they have fun on top deck.   "Oh! Times getting on" thought Luke. He quickly, without waking jack, got dressed in his engineering guild suit and then Luke Smidmore opened the door, and closed it as quietly as before.        


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