Monday, 30 January 2012

already missing the SLSLS

Before we left for Switzerland, I had just started becoming a "OFFICIAL HELPER" at the Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society  (SLSLS). I  joined by meeting a young 13 year old,
 he was cleaning his Engine when I first meet him,
so I went over to ask a few questions.  .  .  After about 10 minutes he said " next week there's a members day on Saturday" and said I could come along and DRIVE his engine!!!!!  I'VE BEEN WANTING TO DO THAT SINCE I WAS 3!!!!!!! AND GOT MY FIRST THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE VIDEO!!!!!!!

And that was when I started coming each and every Saturday
I have driven about 2 locos this picture was taken on my second drive on David's Austrian or German 2-6-0 loco.

the beginning

A JOURNEY TO A NEW LIFE!        TAKING OFF.  .  .  VVVRROOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome aboard flight Z563 Bondi - Zurich ;)