Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Ysebahnli am Rhy

It was a steam meet! 27-29th July. 
Night and Day. 
I'd been looking forward to it for weeks!
Off we go . . .

Riding on a visiting French engine . . .


Die Rhone 
a nice Swiss looking locomotive 

An American 4-6-0 engine.
this is Switzerland I'm in here! 

at the Depot. . . .

 A 5" inch German 4-10-2  

they say it's very easy to drive

I wish i could have a turn  :(

Steam up time!!!         


Hey!  that guy whistled at me
Sweet.     ;)

UNFAIR!!!!!!   THERE'S A 5 YEAR OLD  DRIVING A 7 1/4"     

This loco can smoke ya head of!!!
it may look innocent but it's a killer!

is the Mecklenburg, 
steaming ..................... down?

 That's Susi and that's Jonas Sommer driving her!

As you can see I had one of the best long weekends ever - except - I didn't get to drive any.
But Florian and I have a plan!!!
Stay tuned . . .

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