Monday, 30 January 2012

already missing the SLSLS

Before we left for Switzerland, I had just started becoming a "OFFICIAL HELPER" at the Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society  (SLSLS). I  joined by meeting a young 13 year old,
 he was cleaning his Engine when I first meet him,
so I went over to ask a few questions.  .  .  After about 10 minutes he said " next week there's a members day on Saturday" and said I could come along and DRIVE his engine!!!!!  I'VE BEEN WANTING TO DO THAT SINCE I WAS 3!!!!!!! AND GOT MY FIRST THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE VIDEO!!!!!!!

And that was when I started coming each and every Saturday
I have driven about 2 locos this picture was taken on my second drive on David's Austrian or German 2-6-0 loco.


  1. Hi,

    Glad you enjoyed our members day.

    When you come back to Australia (if you are) make sure you pop in again, you can take my engine for a spin.

    Nick (the teenager you met).

  2. Hey Nick!

    Amazing to hear from you.

    Be sure stay tuned! On this weekend I get go to the so called "Ysebaehnli am Rhy" (small train that runs beside the Rhein). I am a helper at this place. And this weekend we have three days (including Friday) of Dampftreffen (steam festival)there are people coming from all over the place to run their own Locos. I'll put up some pictures here.

    Here we have 7 1/4" gauge and 5" gauge engines.
    I haven't got to drive any steam trains yet but I got to drive a couple of Electric engines

    And I do plenty of Billet knipsen (ticket clicking)

    So it would be great to see you again and the SLSLS guys and get a drive of your engine. I'll be back late Dec for a holiday, I hope you will have a meet while I'm home!

    best regards

  3. Great News! Looking forward to possibly seeing you around December.

    1. Hey nick - we'll be back in Australia again this Dec. I'm so hoping the SLSLS will meet on the weekend of the 20th????It would be great to catch up and even to maybe get a drive of your/some engine?? :))))